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Red Sox, Victorino Agree to 3-Year, $39 Million Deal – Fenway Park 12-9-12

On the heels of the Mike Napoli signing, the Red Sox also completed the same deal for Shane Victorino last week.  Victorino will platrol right field at Fenway Park for the Red Sox for the next 3 years and he’ll make $39 million for doing so.  Not a bad move for either side.  Right Field at Fenway Park is one of the toughest positions to man in all of baseball, so the GM Ben Cherington and Manager John Farrell like the fact that Shane Victorino has good range seeing that he has played center field most of his career.  Farrell had this to say about having a guy like Victorino in that corner outfield position – “It’s probably the toughest right field in baseball to play, just in terms of space to cover, so that range comes into play. It might not be your prototypical right fielder where it’s a power bat, because we do value the defense in that area. That’s not to exclude anyone, but defense takes a high priority…”

The Victorino signing all-but-ended any lingering hopes that the Red Sox would somehow make a legitimate run at Texas Rangers slugger Josh Hamilton.  Victorino is a career .275 hitter with 90 HR’s and 409 RBI’s.  He also racked up 201 career stolen bases.  While 2012 was a down year for Victorino – he hit just .255 with 11 HR’s and 55 RBI’s – he did have 39 stolen bases which shows that he still has some speed left in the tank.  That could give the Red Sox a little more opportunity to take some chances if both he and Jacoby Ellsbury are on base at the same time…

The Red Sox are quietly re-shaping this team for 2013.  With the return of healthy players like Clay Buchholz, David Ortiz and Jacoby Ellsbury, don’t be surprised if this Red Sox squad is back in contention with new leadership at the top with Manager John Farrel.  I like the Red Sox chances a lot more than most people are giving them credit for. http://www.ticketchest.com/sports/MLB_Tickets/Boston_Red_Sox/. Go Sox!

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